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Subdivision and Land Development

Subdivision and Land Development

An important function of the Mifflin County Planning Commission and Planning and Development Department is the review and approval of subdivision and land development plans, as authorized by the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC), Act 247 as amended. Reviews and decisions are carried out according to the requirements of the Mifflin County Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, adopted in 1995, updated in 2003, and amended in 2006.                                        

The Mifflin County Planning Commission has the authority to approve, approve with conditions, or disapprove all subdivisions and land developments that occur in municipalities that do not have an ordinance. Those municipalities in Mifflin County include Bratton Township, Juniata Terrace Borough, Kistler Borough, McVeytown Borough, Newton Hamilton Borough, and Wayne Township.

 In cases where municipalities have their own Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, plans must be submitted to the County Planning Commission for review, and the Planning Commission provides comments to the municipality within 30 days. Municipalities in Mifflin County with an ordinance are Armagh Township, Brown Township, Burnham Borough, Decatur Township, Derry Township, Granville Township, Lewistown Borough, Menno Township, Oliver Township, and Union Township.

The Planning Commission reviewed 88 plans in 2017. The majority of plans (50%) in 2017 were one to six lot subdivisions. There were no major subdivisions in 2017.  Lot additions counted for 22%, while lot line adjustments accounted for 2% of the total plans reviewed. Land Development plans accounted for 26% of the plans.

Some areas of Mifflin County are experiencing faster growth than other areas for several reasons. One way of pinpointing growth areas is to track the location of subdivisions and land developments, looking for clusters of activity. Click on the following links to view maps illustrating the location of subdivided and developed parcels within each municipality for 2012 to 2017.

Armagh Township

Bratton Township

Brown Township

Burnham Borough

Decatur Township

Derry Township

Granville Township

Juniata Terrace Borough - No subdivision/land development activity

Kistler Borough - No subdivision/land development activity

Lewistown Borough

McVeytown Borough - No subdivision/land development activity

Menno Township

Newton Hamilton Borough - No subdivision/land development activity

Oliver Township

Union Township

Wayne Township


For more subdivision and land development information from previous years, click here to view the Mifflin County Planning Commission's annual reports.