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Mifflin Moves

Mifflin Moves

Making Walking and Biking Better in Mifflin County


People walk, bicycle, and otherwise use their own power to travel around Mifflin County for a variety of reasons. They do so for their health, for the environment, to save on transportation costs, or to make ends meet.  This kind of non-motorized, human-powered travel is also known as "active transportation."

Having dedicated places for people to walk and bike makes a difference to all travelers and has broader benefits to the community. Dedicated places to walk and bike improve safety, help non-drivers of all ages reach their daily destinations, and provide routes to tour the town and countryside. These features help retain and attract residents seeking communities where the outdoors is an accessible part of everyday life.

Approved Plan and Implementation

The County Commissioners approved the final Mifflin County Active Transportation Plan, "Mifflin Moves" at their June 15, 2023 meeting.  There are six (6) pilot projects which have been identified in the plan for further discussion, analysis and implementation.  These projects will be prioritized by the County Commissioners, the Mifflin County Planning and Development Department and the Mifflin County Planning Commission.  Work will begin in the Spring 2024 to determine which grant sources would be best to begin applying for engineering, design and implementation funding.

What Can be Done

As a rural county, Mifflin County can identify and plan to improve a bicycle and pedestrian network among select destinations to which pedestrians and bicyclists travel. Steps will include:

• Identify routes where people walk and bike and the conditions that pose hazards to safe travel.

• Identify “missing links” in our bicycle and pedestrian network where future projects would help interconnect destinations, including linkages to transit.

• Define priority projects, actions, and initiatives to improve and promote use of the network.

• Once the plan is adopted, the county will work with local and regional partners to implement projects, actions, and initiatives.

Who is Shaping this Plan

The Mifflin County Planning and Development Department has assembled a steering committee of citizens, business owners, and municipal officials and staff to steer the decisions above and engage partners in promoting walking and biking for its varied benefits: safety, health, mobility, environment, and economy. Committee members are listed HERE.

We Want Your Perspective

Where do you think walking and biking conditions should be improved in Mifflin County? What communities and rural destinations should be connected?

The perspectives of people who live and work in Mifflin County communities are invaluable, and the project team invites your involvement throughout the study.

Email the project manager Michelle Brummer at mbrummer@gfnet.com.

Get Involved! Give Input Today!

1. Stay tuned to a summary of hazards and challenges to safe, convenient walking and biking routes.

2. E-mail the project team your concerns and ideas.

3. Familiarize yourself with the Milestone Documents below.

4. Watch for the project team at Public Events, which will be announced on this site.

5. Review the draft plan for Mifflin Moves! when it is released in late 2022.

6. Spread the word! Share this website with your neighbors and check back for updates.

Public Events

Future public meetings and events to be posted soon!


Local Partners

  • Center for Community Action
  • Downtown Lewistown, Inc.
  • Juniata River Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Juniata River Valley Visitors Bureau
  • The Primary Health Network
  • Two Bros Bicycle Company

Armagh Township

  • Bratton Township
  • Derry Township
  • Lewistown Borough
  • Newton Hamilton Borough

Regional Transportation Planning Partner

  • Middle Susquehanna Regional Bike-Ped Plan

State Government

  • PennDOT Bicycle Information

  • PennDOT Active Transportation Plan

  • 2016 Transportation Advisory Committee’s Bike/Ped Policy Study

  • PennDOT Connects Initiative

  • Land and Water Trail Development in Pennsylvania

 Federal Government

  • Federal Highway Administration Bicycle and Pedestrian Information