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PASSPORT Applications Are Now Being Accepted In The Treasurer's Office

Child Adolescent Service System Program

Child Adolescent Service System Program


  • Child-centered

  • Family-focused

  • Community-based

  • Multi-system

  • Culturally-competent

  • Least restrictive and least intrusive

CASSP meetings are held for children and adolescents that are at risk of out of home placement or have multi-system involvement. Members of the CASSP teams in all 3 counties include families and adolescents (14 years and older), Children and Youth, Juvenile Probation, Drug & Alcohol services, school districts, base service units, CCBH (Community Care Behavioral Health, our managed care representative), and any current providers working with families.

Levels of care range from outpatient counseling, which is the least restrictive, to inpatient hospitalization, which is the most restrictive. A CASSP meeting is held for any child or adolescent that is recommended for out of home placement, such as Community Residential Rehabilitation (CRR) host home or a residential treatment facility (RTF). In order to qualify for these levels of care a psychologist or psychiatrist needs to make the recommendation.


Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Service (BHRS). Services provided in your home, community, and/or school to address emotional/behavioral disorders or developmental disabilities. Services are designed to "wrap-around" your child and can include: Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC), Mobile Therapy (MT), and Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS).

Family Based Mental Health Services. Team delivered, intensive in home services. These services combine mental health treatment, family suppor services, and case management so that you may continue to care for your child with a serious mental illness or emotional disturbance at home. Includes 24/7 crisis support.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). Daytime program that provides individual and group counseling as well as medication monitoring or management. The program is provided on a regularly scheduled basis for a minimum of three hours but less than 24 hours in any one day.

Community Residential Rehabilitation (CRR). Host Home. Family homes that provide 24 hour living arrangements and mental health treatment for youth whose emotional or behavioral needs cannot be treated effectively in their own home, but can still benefit from treatment in a home-like setting within their community.

Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). A temporary residence for youth with severe emotional and/or behavioral disorders that cannot be managed in the community. Doctors, therapists, social workers, and childcare workers provide care and treatment; families are expected to be involved.