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PASSPORT Applications Are Now Being Accepted In The Treasurer's Office

Swift911 Portal

Swift911 Portal

About the Swift911 Emergency Notification System

Swift911™ solution integrates world-class Emergency Alerting , Lockdown Incident Management, Public Contact Registration, and Contact Lookup into one easy to use application. Swift911™ is utilized by over 1,500 organizations nationwide. These organizations consist of numerous industries such as: government, technology, education, healthcare, utilities and enterprise. Swift911™ provides a user friendly interface, backed by a fault-tolerant network, utilized to alert residents, staff and customers regarding emergencies and other time-sensitive events. Using an integrated, cohesive approach, Swift911™ delivers messages via multiple contact methods including;  voice, text, email, fax and social media and syndicates messages via RSS and CAP/IPAWS.

Swift911™ is used by customers to keep its constituents informed during fires, outages, floods, hurricanes, evacuations, road closures and more. All notifications are delivered via the Notification Delivery Network™ (NDN), a network owned and operated by SwiftReach for the sole purpose of delivering emergency messages. Swift911™ delivers time sensitive, mission critical information with unmatched speed and reliability. Organizations of all sizes ranging from 100 people to more than 2 million depend on SwiftReach to deliver messages every day.

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The Swift911 Emergency Notification system is ready for your registration.

Specific steps on how to access and complete the registration process are provided in our Swift911 Registration Instructions.

If you still need assistance after following the instructions, please call 717-248-9645 to leave a detailed message regarding your problem. One of our staff will return your call.