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PASSPORT Applications Are Now Being Accepted In The Treasurer's Office



PACSES stands for Pennsylvania Automated Child Support Enforcement System.

PACSES: How the PACSES Computer System Affects You

WICheck Amounts (Your Support Check - How PACSES Affects Amounts): Check amounts may vary.  During a month, each payment is applied to active child support and arrears until the monthly amount is paid.  After that, payments are applied to costs, then additional arrears.   Payments from payers who have more than one support order are applied to all cases.

Telephone and information system:  When you call our main number, 717-248-3955 you will reach a 24 hour per day intergrated voice response system (IVR) which can be used to learn routine information about your case, payments, upcoming appointments or leave a message for a Domestic Relations worker. Please use this system to find out information about your case to save you time.

Locating absent parents:  PACSES helps Domestic Relations Section locate missing parents.  This system communicates with the welfare system and Domestic Relations systems in other counties, as well as other agencies.

Case and member numbers:  Save your 9-digit PACSES case number and your 10-digit PACSES member I.D. number.  You should use those numbers when contacting Domestic Relations about your case.