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PASSPORT Applications Are Now Being Accepted In The Treasurer's Office

Making a Report

Making a Report

When making a report, it is helpful to have as much of the following information as possible without delaying the phone call:

About the child

  • Name or physical description if the name is not known.
  • Age or approximate age range.

About the parent or legal guardian

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Telephone number

The suspected abuser

  • Name or physical description or license plate number if the name is not known.
  • Home address and telephone number.
  • Relationship to the child- whether the suspected abuser is a parent, neighbor, babysitter or teacher.

The type of abuse that is suspected

  • A description of the suspected injury or impairment of bodily function.
  • Where the incident took place and when it occurred.
  • Any concern for the child's immediate safety

The reporter

  • What is your (the reporter's) relationship with the child?
  • What actions have you taken -talking to the parent, reporting to the police, obtaining medical care for the child?
  • You may report an incident anonymously: however, it is helpful for the agency to be able to contact you for additional information if necessary.

You may be asked for additional information to help assess the urgency or seriousness of the situation.  This information may include knowledge of substance abuse, domestic violence or other physical or behavioral concerns.